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Agalag iOS, Music and Mobile Games Studio

Tap Zombie - iPhone and iPod - Live Today!


Tap Zombie HD for iPad


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  Space Basketball
 Fun Slide Puzzle

  Space Basketball HD
 Fun Maze Game

  Fun Mouse Game
  Maze Ball Game

Agalag Studio is an independent video game and recording studio based in Fayetteville Arkansas USA. Our purpose is to create fun innovative and casual games.
Just recently we decided to use our professional marketing experience to make iOS games which we really like and want to play. At present we concentrate on producing iPhone and iPad games.
Agalag Studio is on a mission to build the perfect mobile game.
Our fun games pack exciting social experiences into tiny screens, and deliver virtual worlds into your hand. World wide distribution of fun games.

About Our Team Members

 Agalag Recording / Game Studio

We know how to build amazing products. And, surprise, it’s not rigid.
We favor teamwork and collaboration over management. Rather than be encumberd with excessive rules and processes, we prefer to trust each other to do what’s best for the game and music.
And we can trust each other because we have a very selective recruitment method. It’s much easier to get things done when you’re surrounded by brilliant people.

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 Sudoku HD

 Tic Tac Toe
 Tic Tac Toe HD






Fun game!

My kids really love this game and I like it too! Nice one!